You Blu It

You Blu It #22: Tango & Cash - Download this episodeNick Ahlers, fellow Noiz-bro and co-host of The Grapes of Rad podcast, joins Aaron and Thunder in the family fun center and they all watch Sly Stalone and Kurt Russell shower together.
You Blu It #21: Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn 3D - Download this episodeAfter watching ‘Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn 3D’, Thunder and Aaron are still trying to figure out when and where the “Metalstorm” actually occurred.
You Blu It #20: Legend - Download this episodeQuestion: How difficult is it to catch a Unicorn? Answer: According to this 1985 “classic”, not very.
You Blu It #19: No Retreat No Surrender - Download this episodeAaron and Thunder get tons of CrossFit ideas after watching ‘No Retreat No Surrender’. Purchase Blu-ray HERE
You Blu It #18: Krull - Download this episode
You Blu It #17: The Last Starfighter - Download this episodeThe great thing about ‘The Last Starfighter’ is that it’s only about 90 minutes long.
You Blu It #16: Bloodsport - Download this episode Thunder teaches Roden about the Kumite, the Dim Mak and the awesome fighting style of Paco.
You Blu It #15: The Pit - Download this episode Aaron and Thunder watch the 1981 Canuxploitation Classic ‘The Pit’, a movie about a 12 year old pervy boy and his pit full of Trollalogs. Yes, I said Trollalogs.
You Blu It #14: Jaws 3-D - Download this episode Aaron and Thunder revisit a movie that scared a young Aaron sh*tless back in the day. Order the Blu-ray HERE
You Blu It! #13: Evil Dead 2 - Download this episodeJD, Thunder and Aaron celebrate the 30th anniversary of ‘Evil Dead 2’ by giving it the “You Blu It” treatment. Order the Blu-ray HERE